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To determine the root cause of illnesses and conditions in our patients, through a careful examination of their lifestyle, nutrition, and environment, and then to work in partnership with them to make interventions that will restore them to a better balance and healthier state.

Our Story

Bankable Health and Wellness was conceived by Dr. Tracey Banks, a board certified practicing OB/Gyn in McKinney, Texas with over 25 years of medical experience.  She is the founder and president of Adriatica Women’s Health, an OB/GYN practice in McKinney.

In her practice as an OB/Gyn, Dr. Banks began noticing that many of her patients presented with complaints of just not feeling well. They had been to their primary care physicians, and often been told that there was nothing wrong or diagnosed with a chronic illness such as hypothyroidism, hypertension, or diabetes.  Unfortunately despite treatments,  they still did not feel well.  She began searching for answers outside what she learned in medical school. That’s when she found Functional Medicine.

Bankable Health and Wellness is a Functional medicine practice that bridges the gap between conventional medicine and alternative or integrative medicine.  We take an integrative, science based approach to healthcare.  As Functional medicine specialists, we look upstream to find the ROOT CAUSE of disease by discovering how a patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle have lead to illness. We provide care that is patient centered and promotes health, not just the absence of disease. The patient is an active participant in the process and helps the practitioner tailor treatments that are individualized to the patient’s needs.

Our Team

Our Founder

Tracey A. Banks,MD